Customization Service – Decoration

Xingyuan provides variety of decorations for cosmetic packaging for your choices on your brand, making your products  stand out on the store shelves. Most of the processes are proceed in our facorty, your can get what you want at Xingyuan in a short time. We can help you to save money and time on your projects.

 You can choice the decoration process, single one or multible ones as you need. Our service team will fulfill your idea.

Silk screen

Screen printing also known as silk printing, is one the most popular surface processing in cosmetic packaging industry. Screen printing process needs a specified screen mesh with design pattern, and a squeegee press the ink on the screen mesh, allowing the ink applied on the bottle. Screen printing is a raised print that you can feel the graphics with your fingers, and it is multi-color capabilities.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping process can use on bottles and closures. It provides a shiny metallic effect to the container. This technique is usually used for printing logo or brand name, make the brands standing out on the shelves. The advantages of hot stamping are low minimum requirement, can be applied gold, silver or metalized color, high-speed production.


Electroplating is a process that makes the packaging more attractive and distinguished. The metallic luster is so shiny that the packaging is easily to be recognized in the stock shelves. Electroplating can make many options of colors, like silver, gold, copper, green. Beside smooth surface, it can provide matt and wire-drawing effect.

Spray Coating

Spray coating is coating the surface of containers with painting, making the plastic containers frosted or metallic look and textured feel. And it touches more comfortable. You can spray any colors or gradient two-tone color effect to make your products more attractive. Spray coating can be applied with other process like silk printing, hot stamping etc.

Water Transfer Printing

Water transfer printing also known as hydro dipping, is decoration process to three dimensional items. Water transfer printing offers variety of color and effect. For the most usage of hydro dipping on cosmetic packaging make the closure looks like wood. Cosmetic brands can customize unique pattern for its own desire.

cosmetic bottles with labeling decoration


Labeling is a frequently used decorating process, it is applied directly to the bottle or cap. Compared to silk printing, the label can get more complex design, and labels of different materials bring different looks. The main materials of label are paper, PE, PP, PET. Labeling processing can be finished with automatic machine or semi-automatic one, it is economical and high-speed production.