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Who We Are

Guangzhou Xingyuan Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a renowned supplier of plastic cosmetic packaging, specializing in the design, development, production, and sale of packaging products. We offer valuable services to both domestic and international customers. Our main objective is to provide a wide range of high-quality plastic cosmetic packaging solutions, including foaming pumps, lotion dispensers, mist sprayers, cosmetic cream jars, airless bottles, and plastic bottles.
Our company is located in Guangzhou Baiyun District, the largest hub for cosmetics production in China. With a factory spanning over 15,000 square meters, Xingyuan boasts state-of-the-art production facilities. We operate three automatic foam pump production lines, four lotion pump and mist sprayer production lines, and three cosmetic bottle production lines. All of our production lines are equipped with online automatic test equipment to ensure optimal quality control. Additionally, we have five processing lines, including labeling, screen printing, hot stamping, spray coating, and airless electroplating. This enables us to fulfill our customers’ orders efficiently while offering high-end customized services.
Since our establishment in 2003, Xingyuan has been dedicated to the plastic packaging industry for nearly 20 years. From the inception of our company, we recognized that innovation is the driving force behind development. To foster innovation, we established a dedicated R&D team tasked with designing new packaging molds. Over the years, our exceptional team has created numerous highly sought-after products and provided design services that have earned us a solid reputation among our customers. As a result, we have become their trusted strategic packaging partner.


How We Do

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Our Unique Selling Points

A strategic packaging partner that not only guide you through the process, but also ensure that All Points are Covered along the way from innovative and sustainable engineering, competitive pricing, short production turnaround times to responsive customer service and confidence through experience.

Innovative Sustainable Engineering

We strive to consider our customers’ needs and provide the highest quality, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to meet those needs. Robert Bulla, Director of Engineering & Innovation at Xingyuan Packaging believes that an innovation must be replicable, economical and satisfying a particular need in the market. All innovations developed at Xingyuan Packaging go through a process from material selection, design, ease of use and cost effectiveness. This process is guided by Robert Bulla and his team of experts from our in-house engineering department.

Competitive Price

We know that budget and margin are top priorities of our customers and we work with our brands to provide the highest quality packaging solution to meet those needs at the most economical price. We also know how complicated and expensive international shipping and duties can be for our customers so we include those costs into the quote. Nothing is hidden and you know all of the costs up front. This allows our clients to make fully informed decisions.

Rapid Production Turnover

With teams in the U.S. and China working in tandem, Xingyuan Packaging is able to streamline the production process while still ensuring the highest quality beauty products. For brands looking for 24-48 hours turn-around on orders, Xingyuan Packaging holds a vast inventory of in-stock items located in our Fort China warehouse. Feel free to contact us to find out packaging products for your bussiness.

Responsive Customer Service

Our core belief is perfecting the art of packaging for all brands from masstige to emerging brands and while the order size and budget may be different, the service is always the same. Attentiveness to the needs of our brands including quick turn-around on quotes, samples, requests, and orders is the foundation of our 96.3% customer retention rate. Xingyuan Packaging is committed to putting our customers first and providing the highest-level of customer service and satisfaction. Everyone in our Florida headquarters is dedicated to same day responsiveness, so your company gets the answers you need quickly. We know our clients value human response which is why we have an on-line chat and we always answer our phone calls with a human and not a robot.

Confidence Through Experience

Xingyuan gives their brands the confidence that they can meet their true potential by solving complex engineering issues, supporting their supply chain needs and ensuring that the entire packaging process runs smoothly. Indie, Prestige, Masstige and Super Luxe brands have all put their trust in Xingyuan which instills confidence in our future brands.