Unbreakable Transparency:

Elevate your cosmetic packaging with our PETG bottles,
boasting exceptional clarity and resilience that outshines glass.

PETG bottles production

Xingyuan Plastic is a Chinese plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturing factory established in 2003. Committed to providing high-quality packaging solutions, we are proud to introduce our latest range of thick-walled, high-transparency PETG bottles that are leading the industry trends. These bottles offer exceptional transparency and impact resistance, rivaling and even surpassing traditional glass bottles. Whether you seek captivating aesthetics or reliable protective performance, our PETG bottles are designed to meet your needs. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled packaging solutions to our customers through innovation and superior product quality, helping them shape successful brand identities.

Our Main PETG Bottles Series

Introducing our range of high-transparency, thick-walled PETG bottles, designed to meet the diverse needs of the cosmetic industry. With four series available, these bottles are perfect for high-end products like creams, serums, oils, toners, and eye creams.

Experience elegance and functionality in one package. Our PETG bottles showcase the true essence of your formulations with exceptional transparency, while providing durability and protection for your precious cosmetics.

Choose from our four series of PETG bottles to create a cohesive brand image. Elevate your cosmetic offerings with packaging that embodies style, functionality, and uncompromising quality. Let your products shine through packaging perfection.

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Why Choose Xingyuan Plastic?

Choose us as your trusted partner for the following reasons:

  1. Wide Range of Plastic Jar Styles: We offer a diverse selection of plastic jar styles to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a sleek and modern design or a more traditional look, we have the perfect solution for you.
  2. Customized Design Options: Our one-stop service allows for customized design options, ensuring that your packaging reflects your unique brand identity. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create personalized packaging that stands out in the market.
  3. Competitive Prices: As a direct Chinese manufacturer, we offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. By eliminating intermediaries, we pass on cost savings to our valued customers, making our products affordable without compromising on quality.
  4. Large Production Capacity: With our state-of-the-art facilities and streamlined processes, we have the capability to handle large-scale production orders. This enables us to meet your demands efficiently and ensures fast delivery times.
  5. Professional Team: Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering top-quality products and providing excellent customer service. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for our clients.
  6. Quality Control: We adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure that all our products meet international standards. From raw material sourcing to production and final inspection, we maintain rigorous quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Choose us as your partner and benefit from our wide range of plastic jar styles, customized design options, competitive prices, large production capacity, professional team, and stringent quality control. Experience the difference of partnering with a reliable and trusted manufacturer for all your packaging needs.

Accessories for PETG Botttles

Enhance the protection and usability of your cosmetics with our high-quality accessories, specially designed to complement our PETG bottles. We have partnered with trusted suppliers to offer a wide range of premium components, ensuring your cosmetic brand’s product line is complete. Our selection includes bottle caps and dispensing pumps, spray heads, droppers, and more. With these accessories, your products will receive effective protection and enable convenient application. Choose our PETG bottles and accessories for a comprehensive packaging solution that elevates your cosmetic brand to new heights.

PETG bottle with cap

Bottle caps and closures

Ensure secure sealing and protection of the contents, preventing leakage and contamination.

thick-wall bottle with dispensing pump

Dispensing pumps

Enable easy and controlled dispensing of liquid products such as lotions, creams, and serums.

PETG bottle with mist sprayer

Spray heads

Transform the PETG bottle into a convenient and efficient spray dispenser for products like perfumes, body mists, and facial sprays.

PETG bottle with dropper


Facilitate precise and controlled application of oils, serums, and other liquid formulations, allowing users to dispense small, measured quantities.

These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of our PETG bottles, ensuring optimal usability and preservation of your cosmetic products.


Easy custom PETG Cosmetic Bottles

Step 1

Send us a quote

Start by contacting us with your requirements. Our experts will promptly provide information on pricing, features, and options within 6 working hours. Our goal is to establish communication and understanding, laying the foundation for a successful customization process.

confirm style of bottle

Step 2

Confirm type and style

After well communication about your project, we will offer you free samples so you can confirm the type and style of bottles you’d like, and get a overlook for our product quality. We believe that seeing and touching the product will help you make an informed decision.

custom heavy-wall PETG bottles

Step 3

Customized Sample

We will proceed to create a sample that is based on your design. This sample will give you an opportunity to assess the quality of the bottle and ensure that every detail is perfect. Our team takes great care to ensure that the sample is as your need.

Step 4

Order Deposit Payment

After working together to finalize all the details, it’s time to make the deal happen. Let’s confirm all the order details, including the quantity, customization options, and delivery timeline, and proceed with the deposit payment. We offer multiple payment methods for your convenience and provide Upon receipt of the deposit, we will ensure that the production is on schedule.

cream jar bulk production

Step 5

Bulk Production

Production will commence in accordance with our strict quality standards. In the unlikely event of any issues arising during the production process, we will promptly communicate with you to discuss the situation and find a solution. Our team is committed to ensuring that the final product meets your expectations and we will work with you to ensure that any concerns are addressed.

Step 6

Balance and Shipment

When the final quantity of jars is confirmed, we will send you an invoice for the final payment. Our team provides professional packaging and logistics services, ensuring that your cosmetic jar arrives safely and securely. We only use high-quality materials and experienced personnel to ensure your satisfaction

Custom PETG bottles with your brands NOW!

How we set your packaging apart

Custom your own style with brand identity

At Xingyuan Plastic, we are committed to providing you with top-notch custom service, helping you to enhance the appeal of your plastic jar. We offer a wide range of options to help make your product stand out and attract customers.

Firstly, color of plastic jar can be customized as you need, the whole set or parts.

Secondly, we provide kinds of decoration process to ensure plastic attractive enough to jump out the shelf.

Silk screen

Silk screen printing is a widely used method for decorating cosmetic bottles, as it allows for sharp and vivid colors to be produced. This technique is particularly well-suited for printing instructions or other text onto the surface of the bottle, as it can produce clear and legible text that is easy to read. We have advanced automatic silk screen printing machines, which provide high-quality and fast printing services.

Spray coating

Spray coating is a process that involves using a spray gun to apply a layer of paint or coating onto the surface of a bottle. This technique can create a range of effects, including a matte finish that produces a soft touch feeling, as well as a gradient effect that is both striking and eye-catching. These effects make spray coating a popular choice for cosmetic packaging, as it adds a unique and stylish touch to the product’s overall design.

UV printing

UV printing is a modern technique that employs UV-cured ink in the digital printing process to create high-quality and long-lasting images on the surface of a bottle. This process provides excellent resistance to scratching and fading, ensuring that the printed design remains intact and vibrant over time.


Labeling is a simple and cost-effective way to decorate the bottle surface by applying adhesive labels onto it. It can be printed with various colors, patterns, and texts. The labels can be made of paper, plastic, or other materials, and can be cut into different shapes and sizes.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a process of transferring a metallic or colored foil onto the bottle surface using heat and pressure, which can create a shiny and luxurious appearance to attract customers’ eyes. Hot stamping is usually used for LOGO printing.


Electroplating is a process that involves depositing a fine layer of metal onto the surface of a bottle, which can create a reflective or metallic effect, such as gold, silver, or chrome. This technique is often used to create a shiny appearance for the dispensing pump or screw cap of closures, adding a touch of sophistication to the product’s overall design.

Water Transfer Printing

Water Transfer Printing, also referred to as hydrographic printing or immersion printing, is a highly versatile process. It allows for high-quality, full-color designs to be transferred onto objects and can create intricate designs that cannot be achieved through other printing methods. The wood pattern design is most common use in cosmetic packaging.

Soft touch paint

Soft touch paint is a type of coating that provides a unique tactile experience, giving surfaces a velvety, rubber-like texture. This coating is created using a combination of resins and additives that produce a smooth, non-slip surface that feels soft to the touch. If you want your customers have a great experience of soft touch, this process can be great choice.

How Do We Ensure Product Quality

At Xingyuan Plastic, we prioritize product quality to ensure your satisfaction. We begin by carefully selecting high-quality PETG raw materials, which serve as the foundation for our bottle production process. Utilizing advanced extrusion methods, we craft the bottles with precision and expertise.

To guarantee seamless compatibility, our bottles and accessories undergo rigorous compatibility testing. We have implemented a strict quality control system that includes regular inspections during the production process. Every bottle undergoes a thorough inspection of its decorative elements, ensuring a flawless finish. 

online inspecting

But we don’t stop there. To ensure the utmost quality, our products undergo a series of additional tests, including seal and drop tests. These tests verify the durability and integrity of our bottles, ensuring that they arrive in your hands in perfect condition.


vacuum leakage testing

Rest assured that when you choose our PETG bottles, you are selecting a product that has undergone a comprehensive quality assurance process. We are committed to delivering perfection and maintaining the highest standards of excellence, providing you with the utmost confidence in our products.



1. Are PETG bottles suitable for products containing essential oils?

Yes, PETG bottles are suitable for products containing essential oils. PETG is a highly compatible material for storing essential oils and other fragrance-based products.

2. Can PETG bottles be recycled?

Yes, PETG bottles can be recycled. It is widely accepted in recycling facilities and can be recycled into various products, such as new bottles, fibers, and packaging materials.

3. Are PETG bottles suitable for travel or on-the-go applications?

Yes, PETG bottles are suitable for travel or on-the-go applications. PETG is known for its lightweight and durable properties, making it an ideal choice for portable packaging. PETG bottles are resistant to impact and shatterproof, reducing the risk of breakage during travel.

4. What is the impact resistance of PETG bottles compared to other materials?

PETG bottles have excellent impact resistance compared to many other materials. They are known for their toughness and ability to withstand accidental drops and impacts without shattering or breaking easily.

5. What is the minimum order quantity for your PETG bottles?

The typical minimum order quantity is 5000 PCS. If your need to custom your cream jar, it will be 10k PCS.

Switching from glass bottles to Xingyuan Plastic’s thick-walled PETG bottles has been a game-changer for our brand. The quality and texture of these new plastic bottles exceeded our expectations. They provide the same premium feel as glass but with the added benefit of durability and impact resistance. We are delighted with the level of service and the timely delivery provided by Xingyuan Plastic. They have been an exceptional partner in meeting our packaging needs. Highly recommended!

Olivia Müller

Sourcing Manager