Why is the MOQ of Cosmetic Bottles Always High?

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Articles

As a cosmetic brand owner, you may have encountered the frustrating reality of Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) when it comes to ordering packaging, particularly cosmetic bottles. MOQs can be daunting and seem unreasonable, especially when you are just starting your business or launching a new product. In this article, we will explore why the MOQ of cosmetic bottles is always so high and what factors contribute to this industry norm.

What is MOQ?

First, let’s define MOQ. MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity, which refers to the smallest amount of product that a supplier is willing to sell to a buyer. In the cosmetic industry, MOQs are typically set for packaging, such as cosmetic bottles, jars, and tubes.

Why is the MOQ of cosmetic bottles so high?

Production Costs

The production of cosmetic bottles involves a variety of costs, including the raw materials, labor, machinery, and tooling. The higher the MOQ, the more efficient the production process becomes, which reduces the overall cost per unit. In other words, the supplier can offer a lower price per unit if they produce a large quantity of bottles. This is why suppliers set a high MOQ, to ensure that they can cover their production costs and make a profit.


Many cosmetic brands require customized packaging that reflects their brand identity and distinguishes their products from competitors. Customization requires additional tooling, design work, and set-up costs, which increase the overall cost of production. Consequently, suppliers set a high MOQ to offset the additional costs associated with customization.


The logistics of shipping small quantities of cosmetic bottles can be expensive. Suppliers have to package the bottles, label them, and arrange for transportation to the customer’s location. These costs can add up, especially for international shipping. Therefore, suppliers require a minimum order quantity to ensure that they can cover the logistics costs and make a profit.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Another factor that contributes to the high MOQ of cosmetic bottles is supply chain efficiency. Suppliers often rely on a network of manufacturers and distributors to produce and transport the packaging. A high MOQ allows for efficient production, shipping, and handling, which reduces the overall cost of the supply chain.

Storage Space

Finally, storing large quantities of packaging requires space and resources. By setting a high MOQ, suppliers can ensure that their storage facilities are fully utilized, which maximizes their operational efficiency.

How can Small Business Owners Work Around High MOQs?

Despite the challenges posed by high MOQs, there are several strategies that small business owners can use to work around them:

Partner with Other Small Businesses

Small business owners can partner with other businesses to share the cost of purchasing packaging. This can help to reduce costs and allow for more significant purchasing power, making it easier to meet MOQs.

Negotiate with Manufacturers

Small business owners can negotiate with manufacturers to reduce the MOQ or request a smaller production run. This may require some compromise on the design or packaging options, but it can help to reduce costs and make packaging more accessible.

Look for Alternative Suppliers

Small business owners can look for alternative suppliers that offer lower MOQs or more flexible production options. While this may require some research, it can help to reduce costs and improve profitability.

Consider Stock Packaging

Finally, small business owners can consider using stock packaging options. Stock packaging refers to off-the-shelf bottles that are readily available and have lower MOQs. While they may not be custom-designed to meet specific branding needs, they can still provide a high-quality packaging option that meets the needs of small businesses.

The high MOQ of cosmetic bottles is a common challenge for small business owners in the beauty industry. Manufacturers require high MOQs to recoup manufacturing costs, optimize production efficiency, manage inventory, and meet customer demands for custom-designed bottles. Small business owners can work around high MOQs by partnering with other businesses, negotiating with manufacturers, looking for alternative suppliers, or considering stock packaging options.

While high MOQs may pose challenges for small businesses, it’s important to remember that there are always workarounds and solutions. By being creative and resourceful, small business owners can overcome these challenges and grow their business while providing high-quality products to their customers.


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