Exploring Neck Specifications for Plastic Cream Jars

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In the realm of plastic cream jar packaging, the specifications of bottle necks play a significant role. These specifications determine the compatibility of jars with closures and ensure the secure storage and dispensing of creams and lotions. While common bottle neck specifications like 47mm, 67mm, 83mm, and 89mm are widely used, there are also non-standard options available, such as 30mm and 37mm. Moreover, high-end cream jars, particularly those made of acrylic, often have unique bottle neck specifications that are tailored to their exclusive lids. This article delves into the importance of bottle neck specifications and explores both the conventional and non-standard options found in plastic cream jar packaging.

Common Bottle Neck Specifications for Plastic Cream Jars

A. 47mm Neck

The 47mm bottle neck specification is commonly used for plastic cream jars. It offers a versatile size suitable for a range of cream products, such as facial moisturizers, eye creams, and hand lotions. The 47mm neck accommodates various closure types, including screw caps, disc caps, and flip-top lids.

B. 67mm Neck

With a slightly wider opening, the 67mm bottle neck specification caters to creams and lotions that require larger dispensing areas. This specification is often found in body creams, body butters, and thicker formulations. The 67mm neck allows for smooth product flow and easy application.

C. 83mm Neck

The 83mm bottle neck specification is ideal for larger-sized cream jars, typically used for body lotions, body scrubs, and body masks. The wider neck diameter allows for generous product scooping and is compatible with various closure options, including pump dispensers and spatula lids.

D. 89mm Neck

High-end cream jars, especially those crafted from premium materials like acrylic, often feature the unique 89mm bottle neck specification. These luxury jars showcase a distinctive design aesthetic and are paired with exclusive lids that are specially crafted to fit their specific dimensions. This specification allows for a seamless and customized packaging experience for premium cosmetic products.

Non-Standard Bottle Neck Specifications for Plastic Cream Jars

In addition to the common bottle neck specifications, non-standard options are available to cater to specific needs and design preferences. Specifications like 30mm and 37mm provide alternative choices for creams that require smaller dispensing areas or for brands seeking a unique packaging design. Non-standard bottle neck specifications can add a touch of exclusivity and individuality to cream jar packaging.

Considerations in Selecting Bottle Neck Specifications

When selecting bottle neck specifications for plastic cream jars, manufacturers and consumers should consider several factors. These include the viscosity of the product, the desired dispensing mechanism (screw cap, pump, spatula), the compatibility with closure types, and the desired aesthetic appeal. Additionally, ensuring a secure and airtight seal is vital to maintain the quality and longevity of the cream product.


Bottle neck specifications are crucial in plastic cream jar packaging, determining compatibility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Common specifications like 47mm, 67mm, 83mm, and 89mm cater to a wide range of cream products, while non-standard options provide opportunities for customization and unique designs. By carefully considering bottle neck specifications, manufacturers and consumers can ensure optimal packaging solutions that meet both functional and aesthetic requirements, contributing to a seamless and delightful user experience in the cosmetics industry.


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