Double-wall dropper bottles with cap

Introducing our versatile Dropper Bottle Series, offering capacities of 30ml, 50ml, and 80ml. These bottles are skillfully crafted from AS and PETG materials, featuring a dual-layer design that adds a touch of sophistication. Enhanced with an integrated electroplated cap, these bottles exude an upscale aesthetic.

Designed for a range of high-end cosmetic products, the Dropper Bottle Series caters to items like essential oils and skincare lotions. Its seamless fusion of design and functionality makes it an ideal choice for those seeking elegance in packaging.

We take pride in providing a comprehensive array of customization techniques, allowing you to transform these bottles into a reflection of your brand identity. Our all-in-one service ensures a seamless process from concept to final product, meeting your unique needs effectively.

Experience the harmonious blend of style and substance with our Dropper Bottle Series – an embodiment of precision, durability, and aesthetic excellence.

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essence, hair oil, skin care lotion


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SKU: MS0216 Category: Tags: , ,
Double-wall dropper bottles with cap

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Capacity: 30ml

Diameter: 44mm

Height: 107mm

Material: bottle: AS, PETG; dropper: PP, silicone; cap: PP

Finish: hot stamping, screen printing, frosted

Usage: essence, hair oil, cosmetic oil

Capacity: 50ml

Diameter: 44mm

Height: 123mm

Material: bottle: AS, PETG; dropper: PP, silicone; cap: PP

Finish: hot stamping, screen printing, frosted

Usage: essence, hair oil, cosmetic oil

Capacity: 80ml

Diameter: 44mm

Height: 154mm

Material: bottle: AS, PETG; dropper: PP, silicone; cap: PP

Finish: hot stamping, screen printing, frosted

Usage: essence, hair oil, cosmetic oil


Series Advantages:

  • Versatile Capacities: Choose from 30ml, 50ml, and 80ml options to suit a variety of product sizes and usage requirements.
  • Dual Material Construction: Crafted from durable AS and PETG materials, combining strength and clarity for a premium look.
  • Dual-Layer Design: The innovative dual-layer structure adds sophistication while ensuring durability and product protection.
  • Integrated Electroplated Cap: The cap’s seamless integration with the bottle features an electroplated finish, elevating the visual appeal.
  • Upgraded Aesthetics: Elevate your product’s presentation with an upscale and sophisticated appearance.
  • Ideal for High-End Products: Designed for luxury cosmetics like essential oils and skincare lotions, creating a perfect pairing of form and function.

Our Customization Commitment:

  • Tailored Branding: Leverage various customization techniques to make these bottles a true extension of your brand’s identity.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our one-stop service covers design, production, and delivery, simplifying the process for you.
  • Quality Focus: Quality is our priority; our bottles meet stringent standards to ensure excellence.
  • Unique Offerings: We prioritize your needs, offering distinct customization options that set your brand apart.
  • Functional Aesthetics: Experience the marriage of aesthetics and practicality with our Dropper Bottle Series.

Choose Our Dropper Bottle Series and experience the pinnacle of packaging innovation. Precision, aesthetics, and durability merge seamlessly, reflecting our dedication to serving your unique requirements.


  1. Xingyuan provides series of dropper bottle solutions, including plastic dropper bottles, glass dropper bottles, and various droppers to choose from. Just a few types are listed on our website. Please feel free to contact us for more product information by email, telephone, whatsapp, skype, or wechat.
  2. One-stop decoration service is provided, silk printing, labeling, hot stamping, spray coating, etc.
  3. this 50ml dropper bottle is recyclable, we highly recommend our customers to recycle the container to lessen pollution.
  4. Payment Terms: T/T(30% deposit, 70% balance paid before delivery), Western union, PayPal, L/C . Free sample is available.
  5. Shipping: Normally ocean freight. Air freight is also OK if time is urgent.

As a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer and wholesaler, we can serve:

  1. Mould developing: mould design, mould making, etc.
  2. Manufacture of cosmetic packaging: injection molding, blow molding, assembling, customized finishing, etc.
  3. Packaging design: packaging strategy, structure design, product packaging design, etc.
  4. Purchase cosmetic packaging on behalf of clients: developing suitable manufacturers, procurement execution, delivery services, etc.
  5. Quality inspection: quality standard confirmation, quality inspection execute, third-party inspection service, etc.