Blue Personal Care Bottle Set

Introducing our latest line of premium maternal and baby care packaging bottles! From the enchanting foam bath lotion bottles to the delightful foam hand wash dispensers and the charming foam shampoo containers, each piece in this collection is crafted with a novel and adorable design. The elegant pink body combined with the delicately designed foam pumps has captured the hearts of our consumers, igniting a wave of demand in the market.

At Xingyuan Plastic, we believe that exceptional personal care begins with exceptional design. Our latest collection, showcased in our signature blue packaging, epitomizes our commitment to elegance and innovation. From the sleek lines to the ergonomic shapes, each bottle and jar has been meticulously crafted to offer not just a product, but an experience.

Unmatched Design Expertise: Our team of visionary designers work tirelessly to create packaging that stands out on the shelf and feels luxurious in your hand. The subtle hues and clean aesthetics of our essence liquids, face creams, and sunscreens reflect our dedication to creating beauty that is both timeless and contemporary.

Quality You Can Trust: We take pride in our stringent quality control measures, ensuring that every product that bears the Xingyuan name meets our rigorous standards. Each step of our manufacturing process is monitored to guarantee the highest level of purity, safety, and effectiveness.

Reliable Supply Chain: Our advanced supply chain capabilities mean you can count on consistent availability and timely delivery of our products. Whether you are a wholesaler or a  new cosmetic brand, Xingyuan promises reliability and efficiency, ensuring that your personal care needs are always met without compromise.

Choose AHP for personal care products that combine outstanding design with unparalleled quality and dependable supply. Experience the difference that dedication to excellence makes.

Xingyuan Plastic – Where Design Meets Excellence.

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SKU: JA0394 TA0023 HB0002 PB0699 FB0166 Category: Tags: , ,
Blue Personal Care Bottle Set

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    1. Innovative Design: Each bottle in our series boasts a novel and adorable design, setting it apart from conventional options in the market.
    2. Enchanting Aesthetic: The soft pink body complements the delicate foam pumps, creating an enchanting and visually appealing product that appeals to both parents and children.
    3. Customization Support: We offer comprehensive customization options, ensuring that your specific needs and preferences are met effortlessly.
    4. Premium Quality: Our unwavering commitment to superior quality guarantees a safe and reliable packaging solution for your baby care products.

    Experience the perfect blend of functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal with our range of baby care packaging bottles, designed to meet your every requirement.


  1. Xingyuan provides various of cosmetic bottle set solutions, including personal care bottle set, maternal and child care set, skin care bottle set and more. Just a few types are listed on our website. Please feel free to contact us for more product information by email, telephone, WhatsApp, skype, or wechat.
  2. One-stop decoration service is provided, silk printing, labeling, hot stamping, spray coating, etc.
  3. this 30ml dropper bottle is recyclable, we highly recommend our customers to recycle the container to lessen pollution.
  4. Payment Terms: T/T(30% deposit, 70% balance paid before delivery), Western union, PayPal, L/C . Free sample is available.
  5. Shipping: Normally ocean freight. Air freight is also OK if time is urgent.

As a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer and wholesaler, we can serve:

  1. Mold developing: mold design, mold producing, etc.
  2. Manufacture of cosmetic packaging: injection molding, blow molding, assembling, labeling, etc.
  3. Packaging design: packaging strategy, structure design, product packaging design, etc.
  4. Purchase cosmetic packaging on behalf of clients: developing suitable manufacturers, procurement execution, delivery services, etc.
  5. Quality inspection: quality standard confirmation, quality inspection execute, third-party inspection service, etc.